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what to expect

preparing for your visit

Complete your new patient paperwork online or arrive to your appointment early to complete the document in-office. Be prepared to tell your practitioner about your health history, any current medications or supplements, and provide detailed information about your current chief concern. 

the day of your appointment

Have a light meal or snack and stay hydrated before your appointment. Wear a comfortable outfit, such as sweatpants and a t-shirt so the practitioner can reach your arms and legs to the elbow/knee. Plan to be at the office for roughly 1.5 hours for your initial consult (follow-up appointments are a shorter duration).

when you arrive

The practitioner will welcome you to the treatment room at your respective appointment time and will perform an in-depth intake. These series of questions about your overall health will include questions about your dietary habits, sleep hygiene, digestion, temperature regulation, and more. This helps your practitioner understand your unique presentation or “constitution”. 

the treatment

As you rest on the treatment table, the practitioner will begin cleaning the skin with alcohol and inserting acupuncture needles at various points in the body indicated for your unique condition. The practitioner will regularly check-in, asking about your comfort level and adjusting treatment as needed.


rest & relaxation

Once all the needles are inserted, you will have the chance to rest anywhere from 20-40 minutes. With dim lighting and soft music, most patients look forward to their “Acu-Nap” as a chance to unwind. 

needle removal and appointment conclusions

The practitioner will return near the end of the appointment to safely remove needles and apply any other selected modalities (such as cupping). The appointment will conclude with information about selected herbal formula prescriptions, dietary or lifestyle considerations, and projected treatment plans.

So you’ve booked your first ever acupuncture treatment.

Now what should you expect?

here is a step-by-step of what to expect

when you visit our office for the first time:

We look forward to creating lasting relationships with each of our patients to assist them on their

path to lifelong wellness. 

Your practitioner will answer any questions you may have throughout the duration of your treatment. By explaining Chinese Medicine related concepts in an approachable way, we support an active patient-practitioner dynamic.

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